Jun 172014

FCA Leadership Testimonials

A few weeks ago South Central PA FCA sent some local athletes to Leadership Camp.  I wanted to share with you a few of the athletes thoughts on the camp.  You can go to the following link to see the camp video – 2014 FCA Leadership Camp Video

FCA leadership camp was different from any other camp I’ve been too before. For me I had never gone to a camp where I only knew one person, and then being separated from that person all week made it even more different. At first I didn’t like the idea of being away from my best friend but I soon realized that all the people there are so awesome and I made friends quick. I grew close to my huddle and my huddle leader was awesome. Free time was great, and the food was amazing. The speakers we had at camp were just the best. They knew how to connect to the kids there and really impacted me and I’m pretty sure I could say everyone there. Also another great thing was our timber. Our timber was a piece of wood that we took notes on but it also represented what Jesus did for us. The activities we did were great and the camp taught me so much on how to build up and run my FCA. I highly encourage kids to go to this camp. – Evan Jones

Leadership Camp was an amazing experience that grew me closer to God.  I have grown up in a Christian home being close with my Savior, but this camp helped me grow even closer to God.  I learned how to be “All In” for God, because He is “All In” for me.  Not only did I learn lessons to aid me in my own life; I learned about being a leader in my FCA huddle.  There are many new ideas I was given to try help prosper the CASHS FCA huddle.  Being able to talk to kids who have successful clubs, helped me gain a understanding of what needs to be done for ours to be just as successful.  Overall this camp helped me tremendously in growing my faith. – Austin Rosenbaum
FCA Leadership Camp impacted me in that it taught me that a leader doesn’t always have to be the guy with the best idea. A leader needs to be humble, and willing to take advice from others who have more experience, or those a better idea. It also taught me that a leader needs to be someone who is willing to put aside their own opinions about someone or something for the good of the team. They must be willing to take a stand for the unpopular teammate, make the tough decision, and do some things that others would shy away from in order to keep the team together. That is the very definition of a leader, and that is what I learned at the FCA Leadership Camp. – Dan Miley
This camp helped me grow mentally and spiritually. It helped me to appreciate God in a new way, showing me how and when to trust God better in my athletics. Just when I feel like giving up, pain sets in, or I feel like I’ve been broken down far enough, I realize that I’ve just barely dug into the ocean of energy that He has gifted to me. I was physically challenged this weekend, but I am no stranger to being pushed to my limits. Instead of becoming stronger physically, I found a new trust, and I now welcome me being broken down. It wasn’t until I had been broken down so far in the various activities that I realized how far I could be built back up. – Conner Chapman

Source: SCPA-FCA Email List

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