Futsal League


South Central PA FCA created a competitive Futsal League for the winter of 2013. This league played at the Winebrenner Theological Seminary (Former Scotland School) on Saturdays. We were able to offer a session which ran November – January. It was a wonderful experience for us all.

Why Futsal

For several years we’ve been searching for a competitive league to keep our teams in shape and enhancing their foot-skills throughout the off-season. The problem was that while we wanted something competitive – we also wanted something that would be uplifting to all of the players. We wanted an environment that was safe for kids of all ages to enjoy a game and companionship with others.

Keeping It Uplifting

It’s not easy to keep a competitive sport uplifting but we believe that playing uplifting, upbeat, music and our devotional and prayer before each game are earmarks of a great start.


We’re very excited with the turn out this year. We were hoping to start with four teams in each of our three divisions (middle school, high school & adult) but instead God blesses us with a total of twenty-two teams!! That’s almost double what we’d hoped to have!